Ramadan 2021: Sultan of Sokoto announce moon sighting and rituals wey Muslims fit and no fit do dis year

Socially distanced prayers ahead of dis year Ramadan for Indonesian mosque

E no longer be news say Ramadan fasting for Muslims go start on Tuesday as di Sultan of Sokoto Abubakar Sa’ad wey be leader of Nigerian muslims don announce di sighting of moon to begin fast.

Di sultan advise muslims to pray against insecurity wey dey trouble di kontri and make rich pipo helep poor ones.

Wetin fit be news be say e get some yearly practice wey Muslims dey do during Ramadan wey no happun last year but some go happun dis year, see some of dem.


Dis na di daily readings and translations from di holy Quran wey some imams dey do across di Muslim world.

E no happun last year all over di world due to di coronavirus pandemic but dis year many kontris don give go ahead for di Tafsir to happun but within di guidelines of covid 19 precautions.

Taraweeh prayers at a mosque in Cairo


Wetin we call dis foto,Socially distanced Taraweeh prayers for mosque for Cairo, Egypt

Tarawih prayers

Dis na voluntary Salat wey Muslims dey do late in di evening after di final prayer of di day (Isha’i)

For dis prayer, Muslims dey gather for mosques to pray behind di imam. Dis no happun last year for many parts of di world but dis year e go happun for Nigeria and many oda parts as goments don allow am as dem add say make pipo observe Covid-19 protocols.


Dis na one wey Muslims across Nigeria and many parts of di world no go fit do dis year just like last year.

Dis ritual involve relocating to di mosque to spend di last 10 days of Ramadan, praying, eating and sleeping in di mosque.

Di sultan of Sokoto wey be leader of Nigerian Muslims don give order say make e no happun for mosques across di kontri dis year and na so e be for many oda kontris as di world dey still try to fully recover from di covid 19 pandemic

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