End SARS: Tinubu tell protesters to stop protests

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APC national leader for Nigeria Bola Tinubu don ask End Sars protesters for di state to stop di protest.

Tinubu dey speak for di first time since protesters enta streets on 7, October, 2020 to ask goment to end di Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and police brutality.

For statement e release, Tinubu tell protesters say “You don make your point, goment don make commitment to you, please, please and please, call off di protest and give goment chance to meet di demands.”

Tinubu tok dey come hours afta Lagos state goment ask all pupils/students inside public and private schools to stay at home following di tension wey di End Sars protests don cause for di state.

Edo state goment on Monday also place 24-hour curfew for di state till further notice afta reports say hoodlums hijack di protst for dia, dey harrass, rob and destroy tins for Benin City.

Di hoodlums also attack di prisons for Benin and Oko inside Benin City on Monday morning and free inmates wey dey dia.

Protester carry banner for Abuja protest
Wetin we call dis foto,Protester carry banner for Abuja protest on 19 October, 2020

See oda tins Tinubu tell di protesters

  • Di way SARS bin dey operate anyhow na something wey bin pose big challenge to di youth and dem don respond positively and courageously to am and dis don lead to fundamental reform of di kontri police system.
  • Di protesters must admit say President Buhari administration don act well by not only scrapping SARS but also accepting di five-point demand wey trigger di protests.
  • E dey only fair say goment must be given di chance to implement di reforms wey di protesters demand for and dis wan no fit happen instantly.
  • Di speed at which goment take respond to di demands of di protesters dis time around show say positive change dey di goment in both attitude and in dia sense of urgency.
  • Di protesters don make ogbonge achievements within short period . But make dem dey careful so dem no go lose those gains due to lack of moderation and strategic thinking.
  • Tinubu make reference to di mata say hoodlums, thugs and criminals don seize di protest to cause violence, harass and intimidate innocent pipo wey dey go about dia legit business.
  • Tinubu say di organisers of di protests mind na to achieve objectives on police reform wey di goment don accept in principle and e no fit be dia motive to cause katakata or change goment. E say if dem give impression say na dia goal be dat, any goment go see am necessary to act and dey force to restore law and order and preserve constitutional rule.
  • Di ginger with which di protests happun show say democratic culture dey grow for Nigeria. However protesters must dey careful not to set di stage for di destruction of di same democratic process wey give dem di freedom to protest in di first place.
Delta state Panel of Inquiry into police brutality and killings
Wetin we call dis foto,Delta state Panel of Inquiry into police brutality and killings

Tinubu wey say di kontri no fit remain di same afta dis, end di statement by calling all state goments to set up judicial panels of inquiry to chook eye inside police brutality over di years. E also thank religious leaders for di way dem handle di mata as im ask dem to tell dia followers to call of di protests for now and give peace a chance.

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